About Us

Information on our History, our Company, and our passion.

A World first is in our History

Hydrotherm is The World’s first 3 dimensional massage system and was designed and created by British sports and remedial therapist John Holman as a solution to the wrist and back problems associated with the giving of massage.

John began his therapy career in 1990 graduating from the London College of massage and the London School of sports massage in 1992; this was followed by further qualifications in fitness training, weight lifting, Sports therapy, Holistic and Ayurvedic massage.

The Company

Founded by John Holman in 1992 and called HTS (Hydrotherm Therapy Solutions).

The Company became HTS (International) Ltd after it was incorporated in 1994 and had gained its first large distributor in the USA.

Generally known throughout the massage therapy profession by either the product name of Hydrotherm or the name of the designer John Holman, the Company now trades as Hydrotherm by John Holman Therapy Solutions

We are passionate about

Our People

Massage therapists of every persuasion, we love them all. Hydrotherm was designed to protect therapists from repetitive strain issues of the wrist and lower back from providing massage

Our Partners

These range from our individual therapists, to businesses that employ therapists of every shape and size from small high street businesses to corporate multinationals. To keep a good balance we aim for many more small businesses than larger ones but we are always pleased to hear from you

Our Ambassadors and Trainers

The life and soul of our business, a team headed by the designer of the system John Holman and made up of devoted Hydrotherm fans. These people not only love Hydrotherm they really understand the value of sharing the knowledge they have learned

Our Planet

We choose planet over profit and make everything we can here in the UK, We are a small family owned business but we are truly proud to be designed and made in Britain. We could opt to make our material for the Hydrotherm system and have it fabricated in the Far East at a cheaper price but choose not to. We even source all of the materials for our on couch heating system here in the UK from a British company but understand that they do have to deal with companies in the middle and Far East for some small electrical components and the power supplies. The greatest benefit to our customers is the relationship we hold with our suppliers. We re-cycle all of the Hydrotherm material with the manufacturer who supplies us with the material