What is Hydrotherm made of?

Hydrotherm is made of a unique polymeric material developed and wholly owned by HTS (International) Ltd.

Is Hydrotherm safe to lie upon with direct contact on the skin?

Technically Hydrotherm is similar to blood plasma bags and so is safe for health, it is hard waring, light flexible and easy to maintain. Hydrotherm is also non-reactive to massage oils and becomes softer when warmed.

What about the environment?

Hydrotherm is leach resistant and contains no hazardous materials such as lead, barium or cadmium and is considered to have no known toxicological risk, the material produces negligible health hazards in manufacture, is non degrading and has exceptional fire retardant properties.

Can Hydrotherm be recycled?

Yes and we do so. We recycle every Hydrotherm that has come to the end of its usable working life. We send everything back to the original manufacturer for recycling.

Where is Hydrotherm made?

We are very proud to say that the Hydrotherm material and all of its fabrication is made here in the UK, We are only a small business but we are doing our bit to help the UK economy!