Hydrotherm Baby Massage

Baby massage really works!

Baby Massage is scientifically proven to offer numerous physical and psychological benefits to both mother and baby although none have been conducted using Hydrotherm it would be entirely reasonable to believe that massage on warm supportive cushions of water would simply enhance the experience.

Printed below are just two of the more interesting studies

Tiffany Field,Scanfidi F, Abrams S and Richardson S (1996) Massage therapy for infants of depressed mothers Infant Behaviour and Development 19 p109-114

Adolescent mothers with post-natal depression were asked to massage their babies for fifteen minutes a day for two days a week for 6 weeks. The results showed that the infants’ sleep increased after massage and they had increased vocalisation, decreased restlessness and there was more mother/baby interaction. The mothers all felt their babies had benefited from baby massage and the infants were more settled after two weeks having longer quiet alert states, and exhibiting less crying. They also did the experiment with mothers rocking their babies for the same period instead of massage which illustrated that massage had greater benefits for inducing sleep and prolonging quiet alert periods than simple rocking.

Field T, Hernandez Reif M, Sleep problems in infants decrease following massage therapy, Early Child development 1988

This study concluded that massage helps babies and toddlers settle down to sleep. After one month of fifteen minutes of massage a day, children fell asleep faster. The sleep problem rate in the group fell from 100% to 33%. Research supporting weight gain through positive touch. Many studies have shown that infants who are massaged put on weight. Massage increases the activity of the vagus nerve and increased vagal activity during massage leads to an increase in the production of sugar absorption hormones such as insulin which could account for the weight gain of infants who are massaged. (Tiffany Field. Interview 1998).

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