Massage During Pregnancy

How to become an expert in massage during pregnancy
Understand the History

For thousands of years, pregnancy, labour and childbirth have been a female-centred and tactile experience. What are now considered routine aspects of pregnancy and labour were then potentially life-threatening and led to a gradual increase in a culture of medical management

Understand the Trend

This trend has been changing for some years with individuals and couples being actively encouraged to learn more about, and become involved in, the whole pregnancy and birthing experience.

Understand the reasons

The medical profession provides a valuable and indispensable framework for technical care. However, as Therapists, we can bring comfort and pleasure through touch.

Understand the benefits

Touch in its many forms brings solace, relief of aches, pain and stiffness, and gives emotional support and reassurance. With a knowledgeable and well-guided hand, massage during pregnancy adds to the enjoyment of the birthing experience. Hydrotherm™ offers a unique potential for comfort and in combination with better awareness of the physiological changes of pregnancy, the skilled Therapist will make an important addition to their repertoire. Massage is sometimes listed as a contra-indication to pregnancy – but rarely with any justification. It is certainly important to consider treatment carefully, but correctly administered, massage is not only potentially free of risk – but also extremely beneficial!

Why consider us?

25 years ago we were considered pioneers in this work, today we have 25 years of experience of teaching this course behind us. We are known for the quality of our work and the information that we provide to therapists. This course has proven itself to the providers of insurance throughout our profession and has a reputation that has enabled therapists who hold our qualification to add this treatment to their portfolio at a zero cost to the premium

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