Massage for those with Cancer

The History

For more than 50 years therapists of every persuasion have been taught that massage for those with cancer was contraindicated, the belief of the time was that massage could potentially cause tumour cells to “break off” and spread. The facts are that there is simply no scientific evidence to support this contention

The Insurance

Sadly, the insurance sector for therapists took its guidance from those writing, and teaching massage, the outcome was unfortunate in that quality insurance was completely unavailable without the ridiculous and well known caveats that we are all familiar with.We needed to correct the misunderstandings and have worked with a major UK medical malpractice insurer to create an affordable quality insurance policy without the ridiculous caveats

The pioneers

We have the best palliative care system in the World bar none. Leaders in this field are organisations such as Penny Brohnn and every hospice in the UK. For more than 20 years they have quietly lead the way by providing massage and complementary therapy to all of the patients and clients and that included massage for those with cancer.A special mention must go to our friends Charlotte McDowell of The Fountain centre and Jacqui Mexson formally of the Myton Hospice group based in Warwickshire, collectively we have been privileged to have worked with both and trained more than 100 volunteer massage therapists over the last 20 years.

Sharing the science

During 2013 and 2014 John Holman began talking and writing about the science and started to attempt to break down some of the myths and misunderstandings about massage and cancer and became a popular presenter at some of the UK’s premier conferences and exhibitions where he was seen by Spa director Cathy Ball of Calcot Manor and introduced him to Julie Speed of the award winning beauty Salon Cedars based in Gloucester.

A unique set of skills

John Holman and Julie Speed shared not only extensive knowledge of their respective professions but also a passion to create change.

They were quickly joined by colleagues Debbie Moore (Julie’s business partner at Cedars)

Sandra Holman (John’s wife and business partner at Hydrotherm) and by Angie Petkovic and Kelly Ramsay of APT marketing. Collectively this was a team that was going to create change and has done so!

Doing it right

We did all the research and had the help of expert oncology massage therapist and Hydrotherm trainer Kerry Prentice from Aberdeen

We presented our information and objectives to a major UK medical Malpractice insurer and gained their confidence and approval and then wrote a better insurance policy with the help of our friend John Phillips from the John Morgan Partnership

We worked with experienced leaders like Michael Connors (Director of Services, Education and Training Manager) and Dr Catherine Zollman of the Penny Brohnn Centre to make sure we got it right and then sought their endorsement of our courses. See our letter of endorsement from Penny Brohn here..

Most importantly we wanted to support those that helped us challenge the current misunderstandings so we set up a charitable trust where we could divert funds from the sale of every training course to help Penny Brohnn and others evolve and develop a better understanding of the benefits of massage for those with cancer

Also see our page about the Amethyst Trust

Please come and join us and become a leader in your community by learning how you can provide massage for those with cancer. Please contact us via our contact page or click here to be taken directly to the page

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