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Progressive salons and spas innovate and trial new ideas and new thinking all of the time, that is how they become well known in their community for the latest and best in terms of treatments and products and sometimes they even look at other professions to see if there are lessons and examples to be learned

Consider an excellent example of what can be achieved if you considered what lessons for your salon or spa business exist within the world of hairdressing

Forward thinking and progressive hairdressing salons have long known that customers are happy and willing to pay more for experts and this reflects in the pricing structure and details of the businesses services they provide. If you are female and reading this you will know that it is true!

Some beauty salon and spa owners are currently missing an opportunity to introduce new market opportunities and revenue by introducing massage expertise into their businesses. If you do not currently understand or you have never experienced the difference between conventional massage and Hydrotherm 3 dimensional massage then you are missing out on both!

Here are some facts about potential market opportunities for you

Pregnancy800,000 live births in the UK in 2012 and a realistic prediction that this figure is set to carry on increasing year on year. What a great opportunity for you! Why not consider becoming the “Go To” salon for expectant Mum’s to trust for massage during pregnancy in your community?

Cancer Currently one person in four experience cancer at some point in their life and this is expected to increase to one person in three by 2020. For more than 50 years massage for those with cancer has been a controversial issue…. but no longer.
Hydrotherm Tranquil sea massage has been specially created to provide safe and caring massage for people in treatment, recovery and remission and is perfectly safe and highly beneficial. Become a market leader in your community! If you would like more information on how you can become a market leader in your locality then please read the information on the front page about the Amethyst trust or click this link to go directly to the information.
Comfort Massage couches are not comfortable to lay upon for extended periods of time! Hydrotherm massage is the most comfortable your clients will ever be on a massage couch with your clients supported on two cushions of warm water, with no need to turn over, face holes or arms hanging over the side of the couch it simply could not get any better.

  • Massage During Pregnancy Understand the History

    For thousands of years, pregnancy, labour and childbirth have been a female-centred and tactile experience. What are now considered routine aspects of pregnancy and labour were then potentially life-threatening and led to a gradual increase in a culture of medical management

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  • Hydrotherm Baby Massage Baby massage really works!

    Baby Massage is scientifically proven to offer numerous physical and psychological benefits to both mother and baby although none have been conducted using Hydrotherm it would be entirely reasonable to believe that massage on warm supportive cushions of water would simply enhance the experience.

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  • Hydrotherm 3 dimensional Massage

    Hydrotherm 3 dimensional massage was the brainchild of British sports and remedial therapist John Holman. Designed specifically to reduce the all too common wrist and lower back problems for the therapist when providing massage, Hydrotherm is generally acknowledged as the World’s first truly 3 dimensional massage system.

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  • Hydrotherm Tranquil Sea Massage

    Safe, effective and nurturing massage for those with cancer. Experience the healing and restorative power of massage even during treatment. Hydrotherm Tranquil Sea massage has been especially designed to help reduce stress and anxiety.

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  • Massage for those with Cancer The History

    For more than 50 years therapists of every persuasion have been taught that massage for those with cancer was contraindicated, the belief of the time was that massage could potentially cause tumour cells to “break off” and spread. The facts are that there is simply no scientific evidence to support this contention

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